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BMI technicians are some of the best trained in the industry. This wealth of expertise allows BMI to be at the forefront of the GTA's plumbing and HVAC sectors. BMI offers a range of services, including: mechanical projects such as fancoil and boiler replacements, plumbing projects including riser and kitec replacements, more specialized services such as energy and water audits and optimization, as well as on-call equipment servicing.

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Mechanical Projects

Fancoil Units, Boilers, MUA's, Cooling Towers,
Chillers, Pumps, Expansion Tanks,
AC Units, and more

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Plumbing Projects

Building Re-Piping, Kitec Replacements,
Riser Replacement, Kitchen Stack Cleaning,
Pipe Repairs, and more

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Energy Savings

BMI performs a complete energy audit in
order to provide recommendations to
significantly reduce energy costs

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Service & Maintenance

On-call equipment servicing, comprehensive
and preventative maintenance contracts
and more

Condominium Plumbing & HVAC experts

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